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Online Generic Medicines Purchase

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Dec 19, 2019

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Generic Medicines are the drugs that are not branded but are similar to them or to the reference listed drugs. As per the guidelines set by FDA (the United States Food and Drug Administration), the generic medicines should have the same active ingredients similar to the branded ones. Moreover, they should have same dosage, route of administration, strength, conditions of use and safety. Being a bioequivalent to the branded products, generic medicines are widely recommended and used. Moreover, the generic drugs are sold at a much lower price in comparison to the cost of brand-name drugs. To know more about generic medicines, read more.

Generic Medicine- A Pharmaceutical Drug

Generic Medicine refers to any drug that does not require advertisement and can be easily marketed under the chemical name of the drug. Every drug has a nonproprietary or generic name that is not subject to trademark. But, some of the drugs are allowed to be sold as generic drugs. For example, metformin is a generic drug that is available under the brand name Glucophage. Similarly, there are diverse generic medicines available in the market for treating different medical conditions.

When Can A Generic Drug Marketed?

Drugs developed by the original company have patent protection for a specified period of time depending upon the molecule. So, a patent gives complete authority to the drug developer to market the drug under its brand name and that too for a certain period of time. On the other hand, a generic drug can be marketed only when the patent protection ends. A patent on drugs usually lasts up to 20 years.

Are Generic Medicines Reliable?

You might ponder upon the fact that if a generic drug is cheaper than the branded ones then they might not be safe to administer. But, this is not true as you can completely trust the generic medicines. Moreover, some generic medicines are more effective and absorb better than the branded drugs. As per a poll conducted in 2012 by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, it has been observed that around 43% of us have a misconception about the safety related to generic medicines.

So, you can trust a generic medicine because as per the federal law, these drugs are chemically identical to the FDA-approved brand-name drug. So, the safety, risks, dosage, effects, side effects, etc., of generic drugs are all same as original drugs. You can buy generic medicines without giving it a second thought.

Shop Generic Medicines Online

Online shopping for drugs has ease down the burden of physically visiting a drug store for purchasing a generic medicine. You will be able to find all kinds of medicines online ranging from blood pressure to depression and from asthma to weight loss. So, virtual stores are the most preferred option for wholesale purchase of generic medicines.

Generic Medicines are US FDA approved and are equivalent to the branded medicines in all aspects. Also, these drugs cost less in comparison to the branded ones. So, you can purchase generic medicines without any doubt in mind.

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