Are Generic Medicines good or bad for you?

Are Generic Medicines good or bad for you?
Published : Mar 04, 2024
Last Updated : Mar 04, 2024

Are generic medicines the same as brand-name medicines? Many people believe generic drugs are not suitable as they come at cheaper rates. But do you think it is so? No, it isn't. Just think how can it be different if it has the same active ingredient, same color, same flavor, etc?

We are here today to provide a brief discussion on whether they are suitable for you or not. Could you read this blog to know more about it?

What are generic medicines?

Generic medicines can be considered equivalent to brand-name medications. They contain the same ingredients, strength, form, quality, etc., as non-generic medicines. Their working process is also the same. Generic medicines are available at lower rates than brand-name medications. This is the only difference in both.

Advantages of using generic medicines

Let's have a look at what advantages it offers.

  • Bioequivalent

Generic medicines are bioequivalent to non-generic ones. They contain the same ingredients, risks, and effectiveness. These medicines offer the same treatment at lower prices as compared to brand-name medicines.

  • Low prices

Generic medicines are available at low rates and hence seem more affordable. These medicines don't require similar research and manufacturing costs as non-generic medicine. Hence, these are just copies of non-generic medicines which are sold at lower prices.

  • Safety

When a manufacturer requires a license for selling generic products, it undergoes several processes before getting approved. Several tests and examinations are performed to ensure the medicine is of high quality and safe. Hence, the safety is checked with care.

  • Economic benefits

Many people are unable to hold their treatment due to high medicine costs. For them, generic medicines are a good option. In several healthcare sectors, these medicines are used for cost-effective treatments as well.

Disadvantages of generic medicines

Let's discuss the cons it offers.


Generic medicines are not always available in the same brand name. In that case, you can visit a doctor and ask for a change in medicine with the same ingredients.


Many people today hesitate to buy generic medicines. They consider it not safe and effective as it is available at a cheaper price. If you buy generic medicines from trusted brands like Jan Ausidhi, it is safe and effective.

Is it safe to use?

Although these medicines cost less, they aren't less effective. All FDA-approved generic medicines are safe to use. The active ingredients of generic products are the same as non-generic ones. All quality testing is done beforehand when it is manufactured.

A proper review is made before selling it. It helps ensure that it is of high quality and performance. Hence it is considered safe.

Why does it look different?

As per UD trademark laws, generic medicines are not allowed to appear the same as non-generic ones. Their color, shape, packaging, etc differ. Still, their effectiveness remains the same as brand name versions.

Why are they less expensive?

On average, it takes 12 years to develop some new medicine. As a result, it costs around $985 million. Generic medicines don't require such huge manufacturing costs and research. The companies don't need to develop generic medicines from scratch. Hence, their prices are less as compared to non-generic versions.

In the case of generic products, only the approvement of a license to sell it takes time because they need to check quality. Also, the price is less because advertising is no more needed for generic drugs. As a result, it costs 30 to 95% less.

Does the price make it less effective?

Price doesn't determine the effectiveness of the medicine. The effectiveness of the medicine can be said from its dosage, strength, and ingredients but not from price. All generic medicines are tested before manufacturing so that they offer the same benefits.

Where can we buy generic medicines?

You can buy generic medicines from a nearby pharmacy that sells these medicines. Buying it online can be the best option. sells high-quality generic medicines. It is a trusted source for buying generic medications.

Are they good or bad for you?

So, we can say that generic medicines are good for you. Although the price is less it doesn't have a change in any other factors. Their ingredients are the same as non-generic versions which makes it equally effective. Hence, you can surely choose generic medications if you are looking for an affordable treatment.

Frequently asked questions

When can I choose brand-name medicines over generic medicines?

There are some cases when you must buy brand-name medicines only. The first is when the generic version of the medicine is not available. The next is that your body doesn't react properly after taking generic medicines.

How much less do the generic drugs cost?

Generic drugs cost 30 to 95% less. Compared to brand-name medicines, they are much more affordable.

How can we differ in generic medicines and non-generic versions?

The effectiveness and quality remain the same but both look different. Their color, shape, packaging, expiry date, and other details are not the same.

Final words

So, do not think that Generic medicines is not effective or safe as its price is low. The effectiveness is still the same as in non-generic versions. Generic medicines are mostly helpful for people who are looking for cost-effective treatments. Get it from indian pharmacy or online generic medicine selling store offers free shipping in usa.