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Anti Amebics

Amebiasis is a parasitic infection of the intestines which occurs by the Protozoan Entamoeba histolytical. Amoebiasis infection is common in tropical areas with polluted water. It spreads through drinking or eating uncooked food, like:- Fruit, Vegetables, that may have been washed in contaminated water. If a patient has Amebiasis infection then some symptoms can be occur in his body such as:- Loose stool, Diarrhea, Abdominal cramping, and Stomach pain etc.  most of the time Amebics is not much harmful for the patient because it create mild infections which is easily treatable but some time it may be more Dangerou for the patient when it goes a patient brain, liver, lungs etc. the cysts of this Entamoeba can  alive for up to a month in soil or up to 50 minutes in the fingernails of a person. Cysts of entamoeba are very dangerous when transmitted into a person's stomach.

How Amoebiasis Transmit in Body

  • Dirty hands.
  • Fecal-oral route.
  • Anal-oral contact etc.

The above mentioned some way by which a parasite can enter into a person's body and reach  to the large intestine of the stomach. E. histolytica can live in the intestine without causing symptoms but it also can cause fatal disease. These amoebas may invade the wall of the intestine, leading to amoebic dysentery, an illness that raises liver infection, lungs infections, stomach pain, intestinal ulcers, bleeding, increased mucus production and diarrhea etc.

Some Severe Disease Coused By Amebics

Intestinal Amebiasis:- intestinal Amebiasis represents an umbrella term for the whole spectrum of clinical intestinal diseases – including amebic colitis, and a patient can be suffer some of other disease related to  intestine such as- Bloody diarrhea, Weight loss, Abodomibal pain etc.

Ambic liver abscess:- it is caused by Entamoeba histolytica. This parasite causes Amebiasis, an intestinal infection that also knows Amebic dysentery. After an infection has occurred, the parasite may be carried by the bloodstream from the intestines to the liver. Liver is a main organ of the human body because it filters the blood coming from the digestive tract, before passing it to the rest of the body and it also detoxifies chemicals and metabolizes drugs. As it does so, the liver secretes bile that ends up back in the intestines. So if a person wants to be healthy then he should care for his liver.

Amoebic brain abscess: - it can cause a rare and devastating infection of the brain called primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM). The progression of amoebic can be very rapid, sometimes leading to death of patients within 12 to 72 hours. That is why it is a very fatal disease for a patient and we can say the treatment of (PAM) suffering patient is not much easy for a doctor because a patient has less time for the treatment of this disease.

Who is at risk for Amebiasis:-  Amebiasis is most common disease in the developing and under developing countries  such as:- Brazil, South Affric, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Nepal , India, etc. but if we talking  about developed countries like America, England, china, Russia etc. these countries also affected the problem of Ambebiasis but rate of spreading of Amebiasis in this countries is low as compared to developing and  underdeveloped countries. The people of developed countries are well aware about the importance of sanitation and cleanliness of the edible thing. They always sanitized their home and surrounding area. That is why in developing countries the rate of spreading of this disease is relatively low to the undeveloped country. Those counties are at higher risk of Amebiasis infection which does not follow the sanitization and cleanness of their area.

  • People who live in those countries which have poor sanitation.
  • People who have traveled to tropical located countries or areas where there’s poor sanitation.
  • Immigrants from under developed countries with poor sanitary conditions.
  • People who lives in institutions/areas  with poor sanitary conditions such as jails,
  • People with poor immune systems and other health related serious diseases etc.

 How To Prevent Speration Of Amebics

The Amebics infection is a spreadable disease because if a person infected from it then he can spread the disease by releasing new cysts into the environment through infected feces and other are so many way by which the Amebics infection can be spread in the environment such as contaminated water, fruits, vegetables etc. if a person want to live safe from the Amebics infection then he should maintain their area full sanitized. We are discussing some precaution a person should be followed if he wants to protect his family from the Amebics infection such as:-

  • Always wash fruits and vegetables before consuming it.
  • Avoid eating fruits or vegetables unless you wash and peel them yourself.
  • If you must drink water, boil it or use it with iodine.
  • Avoid fountain and river  waters
  • Proper sanitation is the key to eradicate Amebiasis infection.
  • Always wash hands with soap and water after using the bathroom and before handing food.
  • Avoid milk, chesse, or other unpasteurized dairy items etc.

The above mentioned some important  precautions should be taken if a person wants to live safe from the Amebics infection because the amebic infection can be dangerous for the health of a person.

How To Diagnose/Treat  Amebics

 As we know the Amebics infection is not much severe for the patient but in few case it may be severe for the patient if a patient infected from the Amebics then no need to worry because now day so many types of method are developed by the doctor for the detection and treatment of this infection such as: - Stool specimens or by serologic test. If a patient is infected from Amebics then no need to worry because there are so many treatments and medicines by which he can be completely recovered and cured.

HIghly Used Amebiasis Medication Such As

  • Metrogyl 200mg,400mg (Generic metronidazole).
  • Seczole 1000mg, (Generic Secnidazole).
  • Tiniba 300mg, 500mg (Generic Tinidazole) etc.

The above mentioned some highly used medicine in the treatment of Amebics, at world level the demand of these medicine increasing day to day in USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, CHINA, RUSSIA, CHANADA, and other  countries people buy Amebiasis Medication online from India. The people of developed countries give preference for buying Anti-amebics medicine online from India because the Indian pharma company provides the best product for their customers at cheapest rate.

Amebiasis Medication India to USA

Most of patient gives preference for buy their Amebiasis Medication from online mode because a patient can get all the necessary information through the internet in a smooth way such as:-

  • A patient can compare their medicine cost to others.
  • A patient can easily get all information like: - how to use, side effects, how to store, contraindication, etc.
  • Sometimes a patient can get advice from doctors about the medicine etc.

That is why in this modern era so many people are buying Anti-amebics medicine in USA, UK, CANADA and other countries because Indian online pharmacies provide genuine, effective and reliable Amebiasis medicine to the customers. That is the reason so many people are buy Amebiasis Medication from Indian pharmacy. The graph of Indian online selling Amebiasis Medication is increasing in a very fast way.