Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited

Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited
Published : Jul 18, 2022
Last Updated : Jan 25, 2024

Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited, an Indian Multinational Pharmaceutical Company, was founded in 1961 in India and continued to exist until 201. In 1973, the corporation was registered on the stock exchange. Throughout Ranbaxy's history, its ownership has changed twice.

Daiichi Sankyo, a Japanese pharmaceutical company, acquired Ranbaxy's controlling share in 2008. Sun Pharma purchased Ranbaxy at 100% in an all-stock deal in 201. Ranbaxy was a controversial company before the Sun Pharma acquisition, and the sun is the fifth-largest specialty generic pharmaceutical company in the world.

In 1979, Ranbaxy was established in India. It was a pharmaceutical company. The FDA approved Raltegravir, a Ranbaxy product used to treat HIV/AIDS patients, in 1982. Ranbaxy manufactures many other medications today with high-quality standards, including Fluticasone Propionate and Atorvastatin.

Generic drugs, which can improve the quality of life and make living longer and healthier lives more accessible, have made this vision a reality. He began making dapsone, a drug used to treat leprosy, in his lab in 1966. The drug was soon in high demand both at home and abroad. Over 5,000 people have used this drug. Ranbaxy continues to produce medicines that help those in need, and it is continuing its expansion into the pharmaceutical sector. The current product range includes more than 60 generic pharmaceuticals. These include anti-infective and cardiovascular drugs, as well as pain relievers.