How long does Tadalafil stay in your system?

How long does Tadalafil stay in your system?
Admin Published : Oct 08, 2023 Last Updated : Jan 25, 2024

If you have been looking for effective ED treatment options then you must have come across Tadalafil. When deciding to take it for ED, how long does tadalafil last in the system is a vital question that might strike your mind.

What is Tadalafil?

Tadalafil is a prescription medication that doctors recommend to men suffering from erectile dysfunction disorder. It is also effective for people experiencing pulmonary hypertension or prostate enlargement.

You can find tadalafil in oral tablet form that can be taken easily with water. As a man, if you want to deal with ED disorder and enjoy uninterrupted sexual activity then tadalafil can help.

How long does the Tadalafil tablet last in your system?

Though the effects of Tadalafil can last up to 36 hours, but the duration of erection often differs from person to person.

Quickest response time: A number of men experience an erection within 15 minutes after taking the Tadalafil pill.

Normal response time: Several men experience Tadalafil benefits within 30 minutes of taking this medicine.

For supreme effect: After 2 hours of administration, the maximum concentration of Tadalafil hits the man’s bloodstream.

For half effect: In healthy adults, the half-life of tadalafil is considered 17.5 hours, and for older adults, it is 21.6 hours.

Conditions where it lasts for a long time: There are some men who experience erections for 48 hours with sexual stimulation.

The time it leaves the body: After 96 hours, Tadalafil is no longer present in your system.

Can Tadalafil dosage affect duration?

You need to know that different Tadalafil dosages can affect the practical duration of the medication’s effects.  A daily dose of tadalafil refills itself regularly when you take it, and your duration will last for as many days as you take it.

This means that with a daily & lower dose, you never go long enough between doses to let the drug leave your body completely. The concentration of Tadalafil must remain high enough in your body so that you experience a normal frequency of erections.

Larger doses of Cialis can stay active for long. However, actual effective hours can differ based on individual response to medicine.

Does Tadalafil stay in your body for 36 hours?

Yes, but it is necessary for you to know that it does not mean that you will experience an erection for 36 hours.

It means that when taken, a man can achieve an erection possibly when he is sexually stimulated.

This is because tadalafil needs stimulation to work effectively in the body. Thus, you can get an erection when you want it.

There are some men who are able to achieve an erection within 16 minutes after taking the Tadalafil tablet.

The average time is about half an hour. Though it reaches maximum concentration after a few hours of intake. If we talk about the half-life of tadalafil then it is seventeen and a half hours long.

This further means that tadalafil takes a long to leave your bloodstream which is the main reason it has a long effective time. A number of men also achieve an erection even at their 48-hour mark which is called “weekend pill”.

What factors affect how long Tadalafil lasts in your system?

There are numerous factors that might affect the working of tadalafil, including the time it lasts. These factors usually include men’s age, current medications, and medical history.

Below-stated are the main factors that affect how long Tadalafil lasts in your body:

Your overall health

Physical and mental well-being plays a vital role in the effectiveness of the tadalafil tablet.

In case, you suffer from any underlying medical ailments then they can have serious effects on your body.

Such type of action often restricts tadalafil from working effectively in your system, decreasing its potency.

Dosage of medication

The strength of medication that you take can also impact how long Cialis lasts in your system or body.

It might be predictable that a tadalafil 10mg dose lasts in your body for longer than a 5 mg dosage.


Remember as you grow old, your metabolism also gets weaker and works slowly.

In case, you have a weak metabolic system then it can be quite sensitive to effective of medications.

This further makes older people experience side effects of tadalafil more often when compared to young adults. 

Eating habits

Intake of grapefruit, its beverages, or alcohol can increase the amount of tadalafil in your blood levels.

This further starts causing complications and worsens the side effects of Tadalafil in your body.

Lifestyle habits

To help tadalafil work efficiently in your system, it is necessary to pay attention to your lifestyle habits.

Smoking and other substance abuse are responsible for reducing the benefits of tadalafil and affecting its working mechanism.

Thus, if you are ready to treat your ED disorder with tadalafil then talk to your doctor today.