Can I Get Medicines From India To USA

Can I Get Medicines From India To USA
Published : Jun 02, 2021
Last Updated : Jan 25, 2024

You live in India, and you need to send prescription to your friends and family in the U.S. How could you go about it?


You're in the U.S., you're running out of your load of pills, and your family in India needs to send them to you. What are the means they should follow?


You alluded to an Indian specialist and need him to send his recommended medications to you in the U.S. What would he have to keep in care?


Prescriptions are one of only a handful few things to which we give genuine significance. Being stuck without the correct drug for your sickness is convoluted and hazardous. The way toward sending Generic medication to the United States is confounded—not equivalent to your day by day FedEx conveyance. Peruse on to become familiar for certain significant advances that you should follow.


The Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) says that:

"By and large, it's illicit for individuals to bring drugs into the United States for individual use. That is on the grounds that drugs accessible in different nations haven't been assessed or endorsed by the FDA for use or deal in the U.S., so we can't guarantee that they're protected and successful. FDA for the most part considers such medications unapproved."

Nonetheless, the FDA allows certain medications that are:

  • Important for the treatment
  • Not available in the United states

The FDA considers various components when they survey an application for drug import.


The accompanying conditions should be fulfilled:

  1. The medication should be needed for treating a genuine condition for which there is no powerful treatment accessible in the U.S. Medications that have prior options in the U.S. are not supported.
  2. There should be no promoting of the medication to U.S. inhabitants. This is to guarantee that the import doesn't fill business needs.
  3. The medication should not represent an absurd wellbeing hazard. Just FDA-endorsed drug can be brought into the United States. Medications that have attributes that are not allowed by the FDA can't be imported.
  4. A composed medicine from your primary care physician should be available. The solution should be written in English and ought to demonstrate that the medications are in continuation of a clinical treatment that started outside the U.S. The medicine should incorporate the specialist's name, address, and telephone number.
  5. Your PCP should likewise give the name and address of an authorized U.S. doctor who will be mindful to oversee your treatment consequently.
  6. The stockpile should be for under 90 days. Supply for over 90 days won't be imported.

Extra rundown of insights regarding the medication that should be encased:

  1. Type of medication (tablet, container, syrup, and so forth) 2. Amount to be sent
  2. Kind of bundling
  3. Dose strength
  4. Name and address of the medication maker
  5. Kind of ailment being dealt with

For Ayurvedic Prescriptions, a letter from the doctor containing the subtleties of the "mixture preparation" is required.


Insights regarding Courier Services

It isn't hard to track down great and dependable messenger administrations to fill your need. You may even find countless Indian transporters who can take care of business for you. Also, a ton of them have respectable audits. A greater part of messengers take not exactly seven days to convey your bundle, so the genuine contrasts lie in the charges, dependability, care taken, protection, and so forth Albeit worldwide dispatch organizations have the quickest conveyances, they will in general be much more costly than the Indian ones.


The cost additionally relies upon the weight and measurements of your bundle. The Indian transporters may require a couple of additional days, however they unquestionably cost much not exactly the worldwide transporters. Subsequently, the earnestness of your circumstance is a significant factor while picking the specialist organization. Here and there, the medications sent through mail may get kept for examination by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). This interaction can require as long as one month and create pointless setback for you. Be that as it may, not to stress—there is an answer. You can forestall such a circumstance by following these two basic advances:

  • Ensure the outside of the bundle expresses that a letter to the CBP office is encased in the package.
  • Banner your bundle. This should be possible with the assistance of your dispatch administrations. This alarms FDA assessors about your unique conditions.

The United States is exceptionally specific about the FDA's Personal Importation Policy. The smallest indication of non-adherence can forestall the conveyance of your Prescription Medicine. Nonetheless, in the event that you have followed every one of the means referenced over, your drugs should contact you securely.