Is it safe to use Latisse for eyebrows?

Is it safe to use Latisse for eyebrows?
Published : Apr 08, 2024
Last Updated : Apr 09, 2024

Everyone wishes to have a darker and fuller eyebrow, which plays a vital role in a person's look. The ones who have thin or patchy eyebrows mostly use eyebrow pencils. Nowadays, a popular treatment that offers natural eyebrow hair growth is being introduced.

It is nothing but a product called Latisse that promotes hair growth of eyebrows. Latisse is not a product used for growing eyelashes, but it also works for eyebrows. Now, you surely might be wondering if they are safe to use.

Yes, you are correct. This question indeed hits everyone's mind when you hear of such products. So, we are here today to discuss whether using Latisse is safe or not. Go through the article to know more.

What is Latisse?

The active component of Latisse is the Bimatoprost. It was used as an eye drop to treat glaucoma. The eyelash growth was noted as a side effect of eye drops. From there, it also came into use to grow eyelashes.

In 2008, the FDA approved Latisse as the first medicine for eyelash growth. It is a prescription medication and hence can be availed only after proper prescription. It comes as an eye drop in a small bottle. A brush is provided with the bottle to apply on upper eyelashes.

How does Latisse work for eyebrows?

Latisse is responsible for growing the hair cycle. It makes the hairs grow faster and remain in the follicle for a longer duration. Even this drop increases the number of hairs on each follicle. This makes the eyebrows 

denser and darker.

Not only this, but Latisse also increases hair pigmentation. As a result, it looks darker. FDA only approves eyelash growth. However, few doctors also prescribe it for eyebrows. Few studies have proven that Latisse even works in the case of eyebrow growth.

If you apply it to your eyebrows for 6 weeks just once a day, you can see the effectiveness. However, using it for 7 months and twice a day, you can observe the improvements.

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How to use it?

Use Latisse for your eyebrows only if you are prescribed. After checking your condition, your doctor will prescribe it if it is safe for you. Follow these steps to use it.

Before using, wash off your face with water and pat dry.

Then, remove contact lenses if you are using them.

Now, place a drop of latisse on the tip of the bottle. Make sure not to touch the tip with your hands.

Apply the solution on your eyebrows where you want hair growth.

Remember that you must not apply it on the lower eyelids.

Remove the extra amount using a wipe, or try using it at night hours.

Quick CheckOut

"If your eyelashes are weak and thin, use generic Latisse. It will help you increase their thickness and make them look fuller."


When to not use Latisse?

The side effects of Latisse are very few. The most commonly experienced side effects are:

  • Redness
  • Itching
  • Skin darkening

The side effects don't differ depending on which body part you are applying it. Hence, if you see any allergic reaction after using Latisse, immediately stop using it and inform your doctor.

Benefits of using Latisse for eyebrows

Although using Latisse has several benefits to know about. Some of the benefits are:

It makes eyebrows thicker, darker, and longer.

Latisse improves their self-confidence by giving well-expressed eyebrows.

You won't need any other eye makeup after using Latisse.

It is a safe and effective treatment for eyebrows and eyelash growth.

Side effects of using Latisse

The most reported side effect of the Latisse drop is hair darkening. But this is not a severe concern to look over. Other than this, you may experience some other side effects. They are:

  • Skin itching
  • Sinusitis
  • Upper respiratory tract infection
  • Runny nose
  • Eye itching
  • Skin darkening

Report to the healthcare provider if any of them get severe.

Cost of Latisse

On average, Latisse costs around $115 a month. Its generic version costs somewhat less, around $70 per month. Although it seems expensive, it is one of the most effective treatments for eyebrow growth.

Also, you can observe proper results only after applying it for a long duration.

How long should Latisse be used?

Using Latisse for around 7 to 9 months helps you to observe significant results from it. You won't notice any change if you stop using it for only a few days. Using it in the prescribed dose can only help you achieve thicker and darker eyebrows.

Risks of using Latisse

There are certain risks associated with the use of Latisse. They are:

You may experience specific side effects, such as redness, itching, and more. Although they are mild. In some cases, it's severe, and you need medical help.

You may observe unwanted hair growth in some regions of the face. Hence, use it carefully and wipe out excess fluid right away.

It is not a permanent solution for eyebrow growth. You may lose the results once you stop using it.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. How long do I need to wait to see Latisse's results?

Ans- You at least need to use it for 8 to 16 weeks to see some improvement. For complete results, you need to wait for around 7 to 9 months.

Q2. Can Latisse be used with contact lenses?

Ans- Yes, you can use Latisse even if you use contact lenses. But make sure to apply Latisse only after removing the contact lenses from your eyes.

Q3. What is the best time to use Latisse?

Ans- It is best to use Latisse during the night hours to keep you protected from sunlight. You can also use it during the day but don't go under sunlight after use.

Final words

So, I am wondering about a solution for growing eyebrows. Not a thing to worry about. Latisse is a product that helps in promoting eye growth. However, it is always advised to use Latisse as prescribed. Please don't use it anywhere else. It can lead to unwanted hair growth on the face.