Zidovir 300 Mg

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Zidovir 300 Mg is an antiretroviral agent used to treat human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) Infections. It belongs to a group of medicines called anti-retroviral. Zidovir 300 Mg, is an antiretroviral medication used to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS. Check the Uses, Side Effect, Review, Dosage, Price in India, Warnings, Precautions, FAQs and Alternatives.

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  • Generic Name : Zidovudine
  • Brand Name : Retrovir
  • Manufacturer Name : Cipla Ltd - Pharmaceutical Company
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Order Zidovir 300 Mg USA is part of a class of medications known as antiretroviral. It's employed to manage HIV (human immune deficiency virus), which is the virus that causes AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency disorder). It assists in reducing HIV infection so that your immune system functions better.

Zidovir 300 Mg from India isn't an answer to HIV and AIDS and will only help lower levels of HIV within your body. This reduces the chance of contracting HIV-related complications and extends your chances of living longer. It is often prescribed with other HIV treatments.

Your doctor will suggest the most effective medicines for you, and they will determine the dosages you will need. Be sure to follow the directions on all medications you receive. Zidovir 300 Mg USA is a medicine that one can take either with or without food.

Taking all of these medications regularly at the appropriate times improves their efficacy and lowers the chance that HIV developing resistance to these medications. It is essential not to miss doses and continue using them until your doctor informs you that it's appropriate to cease.

Common reactions to Zidovir 300 Mg Capsules are nausea, headache, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and rashes. These are generally not severe. However, you should consult your physician if they cause discomfort or do not disappear. In rare cases, individuals may suffer from a skin reaction or damage to the liver. Your physician will be watching your health for any of these during the first few days of treatment.

Before using Zidovir 300 Mg Tablets, inform your physician if you suffer from skin or liver problems or kidney diseases. When you are using it, you could require periodic blood tests to monitor your liver's function. Do not engage in unprotected sexual relations or share personal belongings such as toothbrushes or razors when HIV positive. Discuss the safest ways to stop HIV transmission during sexual contact with your doctor.

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