Sucramal 1gm

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Sucramal 1gm contains 'Sucralfate' manufactured by Menarini India Pvt. Ltd. Sucralfate is in a class of medications called protectants. It sticks to damaged ulcer tissue and protects against acid and enzymes so healing can occur. It is not known if Sucramal is safe and effective in children.

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  • Generic Name : Sucralfate
  • Brand Name : Carafate
  • Manufacturer Name : Menarini India Pvt. Ltd.
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Sucramal 1Gm USA is utilized to treat ulcers in the stomach and intestine. It aids in healing ulcers by creating a layer over them that acts as a physical barrier.

Sucramal 1Gm Tablet is taken 1 hour before eating and preferably at the time of bed in the dosage and time recommended by the doctor. You must continue to take the medication for as long as your physician suggests. When you discontinue treatment early, your symptoms may return, worsening the condition.

The most frequent adverse effect of Sucramal 1Gm Capsule is constipation. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids when taking this medication to avoid this. Sleepiness and dizziness can occasionally occur, so don't conduct any driving or other activity that requires your mind to concentrate until you know this medication affects you.

Before taking Sucramal 1Gm from India, consult your doctor if you suffer from any kidney or liver condition. Please inform your doctor about any other medications you're taking, as they may interfere with or even affect the drug. Do not take antacids in the first two hours after taking Sucramal 1Gm Pills.

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