Protoloc 40mg

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Prescription and OTC Protoloc 40 Mg from India Available at Best Prices

Protoloc 40 mg contains 'Omeprazole' manufactured by USV. Omeprazole is in a class of medications called Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs). Protoloc 40 Mg Capsule is a medicine that reduces the amount of acid produced in your stomach. It helps treat acid-related diseases of the stomach and intestine such as heartburn, acid reflux, and peptic ulcer disease.

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  • Generic Name : Omeprazole
  • Brand Name : Prilosec
  • Manufacturer Name : USV
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Protoloc 40 Mg USA is the medicine that decreases acid produced in the stomach. It can treat diseases caused by acid in the stomach and intestine, such as acid reflux, heartburn, and peptic ulcer disease.

You may also use Protoloc 40 Mg Online to avoid acidity and stomach ulcers which one could experience with long-term usage of painkillers. It's part of a group of drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). This medication should be consumed one hour before a meal, but preferably early in the day.

The dosage depends on your condition and how you react to the drug. It is recommended to continue using the medicine as directed even if symptoms go away rapidly. It is possible to increase treatment efficacy by eating smaller meals, avoiding drinks with caffeine (like coffee and tea), and consuming fatty or spicy foods.

Before taking Protoloc 40 Mg Capsules, inform your doctor whether you've had severe liver problems, allergies, reactions to similar medicines, and osteoporosis (osteoporosis).

Other medicines can affect or even be affected by Protoloc 40 Mg Pills. Inform your doctor about the other medications you are taking to ensure that Protoloc 40 Mg Tablets is safe. This is especially important when taking medicines for HIV and tuberculosis, fungal infections, epilepsy (fits), or blood thinners. Breastfeeding or pregnant women are advised to consult their doctor before taking the medication.

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