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climax spray

Generic Name : Lidocaine


Penegra 100mg

Generic Name : sildenafil citrate


Kamagra Gold 100mg

Generic Name : Sildenafil tab


Cobix 200 mg

Generic Name : Celecoxib


Allegra 120mg

Generic Name : Fexofenadine


Suminat 25mg

Generic Name : Sumatriptan


Seroflo Inhaler 25mcg+125mcg

Generic Name : Salmeterol+Fluticasone Propionate


The generic medicines are the medications that contain the same substances as the medications that were originally protected by patents. The generic medicines are allowed for sale after the patents on the original medicines expire. As the active chemical substance is the same, the medical profile of generic medicines is believed to be equivalent in performance. You can say the generic medicines are created to be the same as the already marketed brand-name medicines in dosage form, strength, safety, route of administration, quality, performance properties, and intended use. These similarities help to demonstrate bioequivalence, which means that the generic medicines work in the same way and provide the same clinical benefits as their brand name versions. In other words, the generic medicines are taken as the equal substitute for their brand-name counterpart.

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