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Antibiotics Medicine

Levoace 500mg

Code : agm0023


Althrocin 250 mg

Code : AGM 125


Althrocin 500 mg

Code : AGM 129


Augmentin 250+125mg

Code : AGM170


Augmentin 500+125mg

Code : AGM171


Augmentin 875+125mg

Code : AGM172


Augmentin Dry Syrup 30ml

Code : agm173


Azee 1000mg

Code : AGM175


Azithral 250mg

Code : AGM176


Antibiotic drugs are also known as antibacterial medicines that are prescribed to destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria. These drugs include a range of powerful medicines that are used to treat diseases caused by bacteria. These drugs are the proper medicines that fight against certain infections and can save lives when used properly. These medications either destroy the bacteria or stop them from reproducing.

Usually, our immune system can kill the bacteria before they can multiply and cause symptoms. The white blood cells attack harmful bacteria and even if symptoms do occur, our immune system can cope and fight off the infection. Whenever the number of harmful bacteria is excessive, our immune system cannot fight them all and in this scenario, antibiotic drugs are helpful.

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Antibiotics Medicine is specially prepared for the treatment of infections generally caused by certain types of parasites and bacteria. The medicines destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria enabling the patient to fight against the bacterial infections. We are reliable trader of Antibiotics Medicines formulated of superior-grade Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Our entire range of Antibiotics Medicines is very effective, safe to use (as per direction of physician) and compositionally accurate.

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