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progynova 1MG: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects, Price, Composition


Progynova 1 Mg is very beneficial in the treatment of all kinds of symptoms that occur in postmenopausal women. The body of a female generates less estrogen after or during the menopausal stage. Progynova is a Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), which contains estradiol. This is used by the body as a substitute for estrogen. It can cause side effects like nausea, headache, abdominal pain, skin rash, insomnia, etc. You can buy Progynova 1Mg Tablets online at The medicine is available in the form of tablets and packed in blister packaging to ensure complete safety from contamination

Among the different medicines you can find online there are formulations for health care of women and they are listed and displayed separately on the online store. Progynova 1Mg tablet is a drug recommended for women who suffer from disorders of the ovary, either they don’t have them or if they have it is unable to produce the necessary estrogen in the natural process. So this drug is practically an Estrogen substitute and its generic name is also Estradiol. You can Buy Progynova 1Mg Tablets Online if you have been prescribed this drug by your physician.

Properties of Progynova or Estradiol

As mentioned, Estradiol aids in production of Estorgen molecules in the ovary and is prescribed for women who have this indication. Doctors consider the administration of Estradiol as part of hormonal treatment since the presence of Estrogens in the ovary is essential for the women to have their proper menstrual cycles and any imbalance can lead to complications. The severity and complication could be different for each woman only a proper diagnosis by the physician can help her/him prescribe the best combination of drugs the address the issue and give relief to the woman. The drug is also strongly recommended for women who have passed their menopause or going through it to help them avert osteoporosis. Women at this stage are vulnerable to bone density issues, which is measured in terms of the osteoporosis test. Progynova is a drug that can effectively tackle all these and provice relief.

Pack Sizes and Dosage

You can Buy Progynova 1Mg Tablets Online in packs of 28 tablets. The dosage is determined by the physician after assessing the level of the disorder. Some of the known side effects of Progynova or Estradiol are shifting of the menstrual cycles and stomach cramps and so on. In normal circumstances, the physician would know your condition and while prescribing the medicine, will advise you to get back to her/him if any of these side effects seriously show up.

When you Buy Progynova 1Mg Tablets Online you can actually combine the purchase with other drugs that you might be wanting to buy, because the online medical store offers the buyers the whole range of medicines for every known disorder and even some common remedies like for pain relief and so on can be ordered. Ordering online helps in a big way; you could get a lot of price concessions and if you choose the generic versions of the drugs, the savings could be substantial.  



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