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Dizone 250mg

Dizone 250mg
Dizone 250mg belongs to the class of medications called 'Antabuse' used to treat alcohol dependence or chronic alcoholism. Dizone 250mg is also prescribed for counseling therapies, that prevent the breakdown of alcohol and the side effects that come with alcohol.

Generic Name : Disulfiram

Prescribed For : Treatment of Alcohol Addiction

Side Effects : Drowsiness, Tiredness, Headache, Flushing, Acne, Redness, Sweating

Composition : Disulfiram

Strength : 250 Mg

Brand Name : Antabuse

Manufacture Name : N/A

Packaging: Tablet/s (Blister Packing)

Product Code : AGM 772

Delivery Days : 10 To 12 Working Days

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Dizone 250mg  has a place with the class of meds called 'Antabuse' used to treat liquor reliance or ongoing liquor abuse. Weighty long haul utilization of liquor can cause habit in an individual, along these lines making changes in your brain. Long haul liquor admission can seriously harm your liver and can cause liver cirrhosis or greasy liver disorder.

Dizone 250mg contains 'Disulfiram' which works by obstructing a protein that breakdown liquor in our body. At the point when a patient beverages liquor, it is changed into acetaldehyde, Dizone 250mg  squares the protein that separates acetaldehyde. This outcomes in a more elevated level of acetaldehyde in the blood, causing discomforting actual responses. Dizone 250mg can help liquor dependent individuals who have chosen to stop liquor drinking by discouraging them from drinking once more. Thus, it goes about as a steady specialist in the treatment of liquor abuse.

Dizone 250 mg Tablet is used to treat chronic alcoholism. Disulfiram 250 is used in the treatment of Alcohol addiction.


Uses Of Dizone 250mg

Dizone 250mg contains 'Disulfiram' which has a place with 'Antabuse' used to treat liquor reliance. It works by obstructing a chemical (acetaldehyde) that helps break liquor in the body. Dizone 250mg  aides liquor subordinate individuals who have chosen to stop liquor drinking by stopping them from drinking once more.

Side Effects

Side Effects Of Dizone 250mg

A large portion of the results of Dizone 250mg don't need clinical consideration and slowly resolve after some time. Some normal symptom of Dizone 250mg  are sleepiness, sluggishness, cerebral pain, skin inflammation, and metallic/garlic-like desire for the mouth. Nonetheless, assuming the secondary effects are tireless, connect with your PCP.


Ques: Would it be able to adjust lab result?

Indeed, Dizone 250mg  has been involved in adjusting the consequences of tests accomplished for adrenal growth and subsequently not prescribed to be taken before any analytic test to be finished.

Ques: How would you take Dizone 250mg?

Dizone 250 mg Tablet can be taken with or without food as taught by your primary care physician. Take Dizone 250mg simultaneously consistently to keep a steady degree of medication in your blood. Try not to quit taking Dizone 250mg without talking with your primary care physician. Abstain from burning-through any type of liquor while taking Dizone 250mg.

Ques: What is the activity of disulfiram?

Disulfiram irreversibly represses aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH1A1) by rivaling nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) at the cysteine buildup in the dynamic site of the catalyst. ALDH1A1 is a hepatic protein of the major oxidative pathway of liquor digestion, changing ethanol over to acetaldehyde

Ques: What amount of time would you be able to require for disulfiram?

You should take disulfiram for somewhere around 90 days and a great many people need it for something like a year. Going to directing as well as self-improvement gatherings will likewise help you to remain off drinking. Later you stop disulfiram, don't drink liquor for somewhere around seven days as your body needs to begin making the chemical once more.


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