Naratrex 2.5mg

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Naratrex 2.5 mg is used to treat the symptoms of migraine headaches (severe, throbbing headaches that sometimes are accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to sound or light). Naratriptan is in a class of medications called selective serotonin receptor agonists.

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  • Generic Name : Naratriptan
  • Brand Name : AMERGE
  • Manufacturer Name : Sun Pharma
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Naratrex 2.5Mg Tablets from India at Best Prices

Order Naratrex 2.5Mg Tablets are used to treat acute migraine headaches. The medicine works by reducing the blood vessels, thus alleviating migraine headaches. Naratrex 2.5Mg Tablets USA is recommended to take it every day to keep a steady amount of medication in the body. Be sure not to miss any doses, and follow your treatment even when you feel better.

Buy Naratrex 2.5Mg Tablets Online is recommended that you continue taking this medication for whatever time your doctor suggests and not take it off suddenly. Some of the side effects of using this medication are drowsiness, weakness, neuropathy, and flushing (a sense of warmth on the ears, face or neck).

Naratrex 2.5Mg Capsules can cause dizziness during the initial phase of your treatment. Breastfeeding mothers and pregnant women should consult their doctor before taking Naratrex 2.5Mg Tablets. Inform your physician if you suffer from any heart issues since the treatment with Naratrex 2.5 Tablets is not recommended for specific heart ailments.

Monitoring your blood pressure regularly is advised while taking this medication. Ask your doctor for advice and stop the medicine if you notice extreme stomach or chest discomfort, bloody diarrhoea or extremely high blood pressure following this medication. Naratrex 2.5Mg Tablets Online is available at Generic Medication Online at affordable prices.

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