Metrogyl Gel 2%

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Metrogyl 2 % Gel belongs to a class of antibacterial medications called 'nitroimidazoles' primarily used to treat infections caused by protozoans & bacteria. Metrogyl 2 % Gel helps to reduce the number of pimples. It also help to stops the bacteria from growing, which helps to resolve your symptoms. Check the Uses, Side Effect, Review, Dosage, Price in India, Warnings, Precautions, FAQs and Alternatives. Original Metrogyl 2 % Gel Online at Best Prices.

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  • Generic Name : Metronidazole
  • Brand Name : Flagyl Gel
  • Manufacturer Name : Unique
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Buy Metrogyl 2 % Gel Online can be described as an antibiotic to treat acne and other skin infections. It reduces the number of pimples, and the medicine prevents the growth of bacteria and assists in treating your symptoms.

Order Metrogyl 2 % Gel Online is meant for external usage only. It is recommended to apply it only to the area affected by the skin according to the dosage and timetable recommended by your physician. To get maximum benefit, apply it frequently and at least every day. Avoid using larger quantities and apply the medication more frequently or longer than prescribed, increasing the chance of having adverse side effects. It is possible to use it for a prolonged period (up to 3 to 6 months) before your acne begins to improve. Keep applying it daily.

Common side effects of Metrogyl 2 % Gel from India are the appearance of dry, flaky skin and site-specific reactions such as minor stinging, burning or irritation. They are typically temporary and disappear quickly. Talk to your doctor should any of them persists or if the condition doesn't improve.

Before taking it, tell your physician if you have an allergy history before it or another medication. Women who are pregnant or nursing should consult with their physician before taking the drug. Beware of contact with your nose, eyes or mouth. Wash the medicine off with water if you accidentally inhale Metrogyl 2 % Gel USA in these places.

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