Lactulose solution

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  • Generic Name : Lactulose solution usp
  • Brand Name : Lactulose solution usp
  • Manufacturer Name : Abbott India Limited
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Lactulose Solution, a prescription drug, is also available under Enulose or Generlac. You can also get it as a generic drug. Lactulose, a synthetic disaccharide, is a sugar form broken down to mild acids in the large intestine. This draws water into the colon and softens the stool. Lactulose is used to treat chronic constipation. Sometimes, one can use lactulose solution to prevent or treat liver disease complications. If you need to check put the Lactulose solution Reviews for getting satisfaction before Buy Lactulose solution Online

Lactulose, a colonic acidifier, works by reducing ammonia levels in the blood. It is made from artificial sugar, and Lactulose can treat constipation. Lactulose can also be used to treat portal-systemic encephalopathy (a brain condition). If you are looking for the best generic store online to buy medicine, you can visit Cheap Generic Medicines Online Store USA to purchase the Lactulose solution now. 

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