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Galamer 4 Mg treats mild to moderate dementia caused by Alzheimer's disease. It contains 'Galantamine', an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor. Galantamine increases acetylcholine (a brain chemical) levels in the central nervous system by blocking the action of the cholinesterase enzyme. Major & minor side effects for Galamer 4 include hallucination, dizziness, tremor, headache, seizures, etc.

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  • Generic Name : Galantamine
  • Brand Name : Razadyne
  • Manufacturer Name : Sun Pharma
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Galamer 4 Mg from India treats mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease, a progressive condition that gradually alters cognition and memory. It cannot cure the situation but can improve memory, alertness, and other symptoms.

Your doctor will instruct you on the procedure to take Galamer 4 Mg Tablets. Obey the guidance carefully for the most profitable outcomes. The dosage may vary at times to meet your specific requirements. It can be taken along with food, ideally at night before going to sleep.

It may take several weeks before symptoms improve; therefore, you should continue taking Galamer 4 Mg Pills often. Do not quit taking Galamer 4 Mg USA without consulting with your physician.

Galamer 4 Mg Capsules can also cause dizziness, fainting, fatigue, headache, sleepiness, and abdominal discomfort. People who experience dizziness may experience a rise the blood pressure or a slow heart rate. It is possible that you will experience symptoms more often after you begin your treatment or when your dosage is increased.

Most times, the side effects will gradually fade and disappear as your body becomes familiar with the Galamer 4 Mg Online. If they're severe or do not disappear and persist, it is recommended to consult your physician.

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