Fertomid 50 Mg

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Fertomid 50 Mg Tablet is an ovulation stimulant, a form of drug used to treat infertility in women who aren't ovulating (producing an egg) properly or have an irregular or non-existent menstrual cycle. Fertomid 50 Mg contains the hormone clomiphene, which is an ovulation stimulant. Fertomid 50 Mg used to treat female infertility. It is used in women who are unable to become pregnant.

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  • Generic Name : Clomiphene
  • Brand Name : Clomid
  • Manufacturer Name : Cipla Ltd
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What is Fertomid 50mg?

Fertomid 50mg is an effective medicine that doctors prescribe to treat infertility problems in females.

It is used by women who are unable to get pregnant because of ovulation issues or polycystic ovary syndrome.

This medication promotes ovulation in women who do not produce enough eggs and women undergoing fertility treatments.

Before treatment, a doctor will first check your fertility status as a precaution and then prescribe medicine accordingly.

During treatment with the Fertomid 50mg tablet, the doctor will first monitor your health condition to avoid chances of side effects.

You can buy this medicine from a licensed pharmacy only after a prescription from your doctor.

How does Fertomid 50mg work in your body?

Fertomid contains clomiphene as its active ingredient and belongs to a class of drugs selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERM).

This medicine treats female infertility by promoting the release of reproductive hormones in your body.

Further, the Fertomid 50mg tablet aids in stimulating the release of eggs from your ovary.

How does Fertomid 50mg benefit your body?

Fertomid 50mg tablet aids in the development of a normal egg in a woman’s ovary and ensures the release of a matured and healthy egg.

This further aids in treating infertility in women and increases the chance of successful pregnancy.  

Generally, doctors prescribe this medicine to women who want ovulation treatment or suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome.    

To attain the full benefits of the Fertomid 50mg tablet, you must take this medicine in dose and duration as directed by a doctor.

Dosage of Fertomid 50mg

Before starting your treatment with Fertomid 50mg, carefully read the patient information leaflet.

Fertomid tablets can be taken with or without food, but at the same time every day to get the most benefits.

The doctor will decide the dose and how often you need to take Fertmoid 50mg depending upon what you are taking it for.

Your doctor will decide how long you need to continue treatment with Fertomid 50mg to improve your symptoms.

This medicine is not safe for long-term use, hence doctors advise it for three menstrual cycles only.

Take this medication exactly in the same way as directed by your physician. Swallow Fertomid 50mg with a glass of plain water.

Fertomid 50mg is taken in five-day treatment periods which means you take one dose every day for 5 days in a month. 

You can also take one 50mg tablet a day for the first five days of your course or as directed by a doctor.

In case, your doctor feels it’s appropriate then the dosage can also be increased to two tablets a day on subsequent courses.

Missed dose

If you have missed a dose of Fertomid 50mg, then take it as soon as you remember.

But if it’s time for the next prescribed dosage then skip your missed dose and continue the regular Fertomid 50mg dose.

Just to compensate for a missed dose of Fertomid 50mg, you must never double dosage of this medication.    


In case, you have taken too much dosage of Fertomid 50mg then call a doctor immediately.

Some of the common symptoms of Fertomid overdosage include hot flashes, nausea, headache, and vomiting.

Precautions and warnings for Fertomid 50mg

Before taking Fertomid 50mg, inform your doctor if you have suffered from early menopause or have a swollen ovary.

Considering a few precautions and warnings beforehand can help you to reduce side effects of Fertomid 50mg.

Your doctor should know about all other medicines you take as those drugs can make Fertomid less effective.

Also, certain medications alter working mechanism of Fertomid 50mg.

In case, you take any herbal supplements and vitamins then let your doctor know about them beforehand.

Doctors suggest avoiding consumption of alcohol strictly during treatment with Fertomid 50mg.

Before taking this medicine, inform your doctor if you have any trouble in your liver or kidney.

Make sure that doctor knows about your medical conditions, especially:

  • Cyst in ovaries
  • High blood fat levels
  • Fits
  • Cancer in breast, uterus, or ovaries
  • Unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Early menopause

Fertomid 50mg tablet should strictly not be used in pregnant women after positive conception.

This drug is not meant for use in breastfeeding women and children or adolescents below 18 years of age.

Fertomid 50mg is not prescribed to patients who are allergic to it or other ingredients present in it.

Side effects of Fertomid 50mg

Like other medicines, Fertomid 50mg can also cause common, uncommon, and rare side effects.

However common side effects start disappearing once your body adjusts with medication.

Common side effects of Fertomid 50mg

  • Breast pain
  • Flushing
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Lower stomach pain with swelling and weight gain
  • Bloating and distended stomach
  • Increased blood fat levels

Uncommon side effects of Fertomid 50mg

  • Depression, mood changes, changes in behavior
  • Nervousness
  • Tiredness
  • Feeling dizzy and difficulty in balance
  • Problems in falling asleep

Rare side effects of Fertomid 50mg

  • Eye pain, decreased vision
  • Fits


Drug interactions can make Fertomid 50mg work differently or increase risk of severe side effects.

Make a list of all medicines you use and share it with your doctor or pharmacist.

Without a doctor’s recommendation, do not start, stop, or change dosage of any medicines.

Some other medicines that interact with Fertomid 50mg include bexarotene, danazol, and ospemifene.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)

How long does Fertomid 50mg take to show its effects?

Effect of this medicine can be observed by patients after five to ten days of treatment.

How long do effects of this medicine last in body?

It is still unknown for how long Fertomid 50mg stays active in your body.

Can I take Fertomid 50mg during pregnancy?

Fertomid 50mg is unsafe for women to consume during pregnancy.


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