Fertomid 25 mg

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  • Generic Name : Clomiphene
  • Brand Name : Clomid
  • Manufacturer Name : Cipla Ltd.
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Fertomid 25 mg is composed of clomiphene and is used to induce egg production in women who are not able to ovulate due to certain medical conditions. The offered Fertomid 25 Mg is manufactured by Cipla Ltd. Fertomid 25 Mg are available in the form of pills and in blister packaging. Clients can acquire them in a pack of 30, 60 and 100 pills from us.

Fertomid 25 mg contains clomiphene citrate as an active ingredient that is used for treating infertility in women. Fertomid 25 mg is specially made for those women who face problem in conceiving due to incorrect functioning of their ovaries, which means they are not ovulating. This condition is also termed as anovulation. Fertomid 25 mg is used for inducing the hormones required for ovulation and thus, it is helpful in treating infertility in women, who are not ovulating because of hormonal imbalance. The medicine helps in restoring the normal functions of the ovaries, which allows the egg to mature and released that can be further fertilized. Read more about Fertomid 25 mg by scrolling down.

You need to take some precautions while taking fertomid tablets. You should not use the tablets in case you have liver disease, abnormal uterine bleeding, enlarged ovaries or ovarian cysts not due to polycystic ovary disease or in case you are already pregnant. Also, if you might see some side effects like mild abdominal pain or discomfort, facial flushes, bloating, ovarian enlargement visual blurring, etc., then you need to consult a doctor. Do not take the medicine if you are allergic to clomifene.

How Fertomid 25 mg Treats Infertility?

Fertomid 25 mg is used for treating the condition of infertility in women caused due to the lack of ovulation. It helps in increasing the production of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) present in the pituitary gland. This gland is present in brain and known as hormone control center and is required for ovulation process. Fertomid 25 mg works by stimulating the growth and maturation of egg follicles present in the ovaries.

By now, you have got the idea of fertomid and its uses, functionality, precautions, etc. If you want to buy fertomid 25 mg online, then browse different online pharmacies. Remember that, Fertomid 25 mg is available only on doctor’s prescription.

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