Cilamin 250mg

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  • Generic Name : Penicillamine
  • Brand Name : Cuprimine
  • Manufacturer Name : Panacea
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Cilamin 250 Mg (Penicillamine) capsule is an antirheumatic medicine prescribed in the treatment of wilson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and cystinuria. This capsule should not be used in patients with kidney diseases due to the increased risk of further kidney damage in such patients. Cilamin 250 Capsule is utilized in the treatment of rheumatoid joint inflammation and Wilson's illness. It eases back the movement of rheumatoid joint pain and gives alleviation from torment and expanding in the joints. For treatment of Wilson's illness, it assists with eliminating the abundance copper from the body. Cilamin 250 Capsule works by hindering the activity of certain compound couriers that are answerable for aggravation and eases back the advancement of the condition with certain joint illnesses. It works in Wilson's infection by assisting the body with eliminating abundance copper.

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