Cernos Gel 1%

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  • Generic Name : Testosterone
  • Brand Name : AndroGel
  • Manufacturer Name : Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.
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What is Cernos Gel 1%? 

Cernos Gel 1% is an effective medicine for the treatment of male hypogonadism caused by low testosterone levels. It is prescribed to men suffering from known medical conditions. This medication restores the level of testosterone in the body.

Cernos gel contains testosterone, which belongs to a class of drugs known as Androgens. If not treated on time, male hypogonadism can result in infertility, erectile dysfunction, and loss of body hair.

After a valid prescription, patients can buy this medicine from a licensed drugstore. 

Uses of Cernos Gel 1%

Doctors prescribe Cernos Gel 1% for:

  • Treatment of male hypogonadism

Male hypogonadism is a condition in which your body stops producing enough testosterone (male sexual hormone). Symptoms, like reduced sexual drive, impotence, depressive moods, infertility, tiredness, and bone loss, characterize Male hypogonadism.

Manufacturer of Cernos Gel 1%

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., a renowned pharma company, manufactures Cernos Gel 1%. 

How does Cernos Gel 1% work? 

Cernos gel 1% is equal to testosterone, a natural male hormone. This medication works by restoring testosterone levels in adult men who are lacking. 

How to use Cernos Gel 1%? 

It is advised to apply Cernos gel as directed by a physician. This medicine is for external use only. 

Apply the gel to dry, intact shoulders or upper arms skin. 

Application of this gel should be limited to areas that your short-sleeved t-shirt will adequately cover. 

Once the medication has dried, it is necessary to cover the application site with clothing.

Ensure you wash your hands properly with soap and water after every application. 

Do not apply this gel to the genitals. Avoid washing your administration site for at least 2 hours after using it. 

The doctor will decide how often you need this medicine based on your age and medical condition. 

Precautions and warnings for Cernos Gel 1%

Cernos gel is not prescribed for use if you suffer from a known or suspected prostate or breast cancer. 

Before starting your treatment with this gel, let the doctor know about your medical history, especially of:

  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart disorder
  • Chronic lung diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Urinary problems due to enlarged prostate
  • Liver problem

Cernos gel is only intended for use by men. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use it. 

This medication is not suggested for use in children and adolescents. It should be used with caution in elderly patients. 

It does not affect your ability to drive or operate machines. You can consult a doctor once. 

Do not use this medicine if you are allergic to it or any other ingredients in Cernos Gel.

This gel should be used cautiously in patients suffering from chronic lung diseases as it might worsen sleep apnea. 

Patients with high blood pressure and severe heart disease should use this gel with caution as it can cause water retention in the body. 

Side effects of Cernos Gel 1%

Most side effects of Cernos gel do not require medical attention and disappear once your body adjusts to this medication. 

Some common side effects of Cernos Gel 1% include:

  • Increase in breast size
  • Burning or prickling sensation, rash, dryness, redness, or itchiness at the site of application
  • Increased body hair growth
  • Headache
  • Swelling of hands or feet
  • Prostate changes

Seek immediate medical help if your side effects persist or worsen with time. 


Drug interaction can affect the working mechanism of Cernos Gel or reduce its benefits. 

Unless directed by your physician, do not start, stop, or change the dosage of any medicines. 

If you take any other products like herbal supplements and prescription & non-prescription drugs, then let the doctor know. 

To avoid drug interactions, you must not take the following medicines with Cernos Gel 1%:

  • Warfarin
  • Acenocoumarol
  • Insulin
  • Hydrocortisone
  • Dexamethasone


It is advised to store this medicine at room temperature, away from moisture and direct sunlight. 

Frequently asked questions about Cernos Gel 1% (FAQs)

Can Cernos Gel 1% cause you breathing trouble? 

Yes, this medicine can cause breathing trouble during sleep, mainly in patients with risk factors like chronic lung diseases and obesity. 

If you experience any difficulty breathing during sleep, then contact your doctor immediately. 

Who should not use Cernos gel 1%? 

Cernos gel should not be used by men suffering from kidney disorders, prostate cancer, and liver cancer. 

Is it safe to go swimming after applying Cernos gel? 

You must not shower, bathe, or swim for at least 2 hours after applying Cernos gel. 

If you have any doubts about the usage of this medication, then discuss it with your doctor.

Is it safe to use Cernos Gel 1%? 

Yes, if used as the doctor recommends, Cernos gel is safe. 


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