Biduret 5/50mg

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  • Generic Name : Amiloride + Hctz.
  • Brand Name : Moduretic
  • Manufacturer Name : GSK Pharmaceutical
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Order Biduret 5/50Mg is a mixture of two drugs for treating hypertension (high blood pressure). It lowers the amount of fluid in your body and maintains the potassium balance within the body. Biduret 5/50Mg Pill causes you to shed excess water via urine.

It would be best if you drank Amiloride + Hctz. Tablet at the beginning of the day, along with food, to avoid frequent urination during the night. To achieve the best outcomes, it is recommended to take the tablet daily at the same time throughout the day. The dosage and frequency you use it will depend on what you use it to treat. Your doctor will decide on how you will need to increase your symptoms. Taking Biduret 5/50Mg Tablets for the duration, it's prescribed for you is recommended.

Diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea and dehydration are frequent side effects of Biduret 5/50Mg USA. It may lower sodium, calcium and magnesium levels in the blood. Therefore, continuous checking of kidney function and electrolytes is crucial when taking the medication. It can cause dizziness or tiredness when you slowly rise from a sitting position or if you avoid driving.

Before taking Biduret 5/50Mg from India, inform your doctor that you have kidney or liver disease. One can safely take the medicine during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

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