Aten 25 Mg

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Aten 25 mg contains 'Atenolol' manufactured by Zydus Pharmaceuticals. Atenolol is in a class of medications called Beta Blockers. Aten 25 mg Tablet is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension), angina (heart-related chest pain), irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmia). Buy Aten 25 mg Online in USA on Sale Price in USA from India. Know the Uses, Side Effect, Cost or Price in India, Warnings, Sale in USA, FAQs and Alternatives.

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  • Generic Name : Atenolol
  • Brand Name : Tenormin
  • Manufacturer Name : Zydus Pharmaceuticals
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Aten 25 Mg has a place with a gathering of prescriptions called beta-blockers. Aten 25 Mg treats angina (heart-related chest torment), (hypertension), unpredictable heart rhythms (arrhythmia). It additionally assists with forestalling future coronary episodes and stroke and headaches. Aten 25 Mg is additionally used to calm the side effects brought about by an overactive thyroid organ. It could be recommended alone or along with different prescriptions. The measurement rely upon what you are consuming it for and the seriousness of your condition.

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