Amlopres 10 Mg

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Amlopres 10 Mg contains 'Amlodipine' manufactured by Cipla Ltd - Pharmaceutical Company. Amlodipine is in a class of medications called Calcium Channel Blockers. Cordarone Tablet is used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) and prevent angina (heart-related chest pain). Buy Amlopres 10 Mg Online in USA on Sale Price in USA from India. Know the Uses, Side Effect, Cost or Price in India, Warnings, Sale in USA, FAQs and Alternatives.

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  • Generic Name : Amlodipine
  • Brand Name : Norvasc
  • Manufacturer Name : Cipla Ltd - Pharmaceutical Company
  • Delivery Days : 10 To 15 working days
  • Composition : Amlodipine
  • Presentation : Tablet/s (Blister Packing)

What is Amlopres 10 mg?

Amlopres is a medication used to treat high blood pressure and angina pectoris (chest pain that's caused due to less blood flow to the heart).

The primary ingredient of Amlopres tablet is Amlodipine, which is a calcium channel blocker.

Thus, Amlodipine treats hypertension by increasing the blood flow and providing relaxation to the blood vessels.

Always remember that you must not take Amlopres drug more than the recommended amount by your healthcare provider.

It is an FDA-approved drug that can be bought from any licensed pharmacy with a valid doctor's prescription, as it is a prescription medication.

Amlopres tablets are effective with proper lifestyle modifications like regular exercise, a healthy diet, less salt intake, limited smoking and drinking, and others.

What are the uses of Amlopres 10 mg?

Amlopres pills are mainly used for the two main reasons that are:

Management of high blood pressure.

Treatment of angina pectoris.

Who manufactures Amlopres 10 mg?

Cipla Ltd. Cipla Ltd markets amlopres tablets, which is a famous company that produces drugs.

How does Amlopres 10 mg work?

As said above, Amlopres contains Amlodipine. Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker that affects the calcium movement into the cells of blood vessels and the heart.

Thus, it causes relaxation of blood vessels and lowers the blood pressure levels. Also, it increases the heart's workload by increasing blood and oxygen supply to the heart.

How to take Amlopres 10 mg?

Amlopres comes in the form of tablets. Take it with a glass of water by direct swallowing. Never try to break, cut, or chew the tablet. The best time to take Amlopres 10 mg is after food.

What if I miss a dose of Amlopres 10 mg?

A missed dose of Amlopres should be taken immediately when you remember it. If you find it's soon going to be the time for the next dose, don't take it.

From the next dose, please take it as you were taking it before. Do not try to double the medicine to manage the missed dose.

What if I consume an overdose of Amlopres 10 mg?

If you ever take more amount of Amlopres tablets, immediately visit a nearby hospital or a doctor around you.

Overdosing this pill can cause serious side effects like sleepiness, low levels of blood pressure, dizziness, and others.

What are the Side effects of Amlopres?

You won't experience severe side effects with Amlopores tablets. However, mild effects are possible, and they disappear as soon as the medicine adjusts to the body.

These are the most experienced side effects:

  • Dizziness

  • Abdominal pain

  • Headache

  • Fatigue

  • Nausea

  • Sleepiness

What are the precautions and warnings of Amlopres 10 mg?

  • There is no safety information available on pregnant women. So, if you are starting Amlopres, make sure to inform your doctor if you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy soon.

  • The ingredients of Amlopres tablets are found to be harmful to babies. Any breastfeeding woman should not use it without a doctor's recommendation as it can pass to the breast milk.

  • Avoid driving and using machines if you experience side effects such as tiredness, dizziness, and such.

  • If you have a known allergy to Amlodipine, avoid taking this medicine. This can cause side effects like breathing difficulties, swelling, and more.

  • Kidney and liver patients should use Amlopores 10 mg with caution.

  • If you have ever experienced heart attacks and strokes, inform your doctor before taking them.

  • Children below 6 years should not use Amlopres 10 mg.


What lifestyle changes can help to control high blood pressure?

Other than medications, high blood pressure can also be managed by making lifestyle modifications.

Eating a healthy diet, exercising, having a low salt intake, limiting alcohol consumption, avoiding smoking, and such habits can help you prevent hypertension.

For how long should we take Amlopres tablets?

Take Amlopres tablets for as long as your doctor prescribes you. Do not stop the medicine immediately after you start finding improvement in symptoms.

Amlopres 10 mg tablets should be taken for a complete duration as said; otherwise, the treatment may fail.

Is Amlopres 10 mg habit-forming medicine?

Ans: No, it is not a habit of creating medicine.

Is Amlopres 10 mg safe and effective?

Ans: Yes, it is very effective and safe for the treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure). Millions of people use this medicine to control their high blood pressure problems.

Is Amlopres 10 mg costly medicine?

Ans: No, it is an affordable med.

Can I purchase Amlopres 10 mg without a prescription?

Ans: NO, a patient can purchase Amlopres 10 mg tab only with a valid doctor's prescription.

How much time does it take to perform?

Ans: It takes just 15 to 20 minutes to control the blood pressure of a patient. Its performance time is praiseworthy as compared to other hypertension medicines.

Can I consume Amlopres 10 mg along with other medicines?

Ans: Yes, you can take amlopres 10 mg along with other disease meds.

Does Amlopres 10 mg affect fertility?

Ans: NO, it does not affect the fertility of a patient.

Can I use Amlopres 10 mg during pregnancy and breastfeeding?

Ans: Without any hesitation, a patient can use this medicine during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Can I use Amlopres 10 mg regularly?

Ans: Only use Amlopres 10 mg tab as per doctor's prescription.

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