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Buy Suminat 25mg Online

Product Code : agm771

Generic Name : Sumatriptan

Brand Name : Imitrex

Manufacture Name : Sun Pharma

Presentation : pills (blister)

Delivery Days : 10 working days

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100 pills $155.00 $1.55

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Suminat 25Mg is generally taken for the treatment of cluster headache attack, acute migraine, etc. It is widely marketed under the brand names such as Treximet, Sumatriptan, Imigran, Imitrex, etc. There are several manufacturers and distributors of Suminat 25Mg; and thus it becomes important to carefully buy the medicine of a particular brand.


Allgenericmedicine can be contacted any time to Buy Suminat Sumatriptan Tablets Online. The store is reckoned for providing highly effective Suminat 25Mg Tablet, at relatively affordable price. All that is needed to make a purchase with the store is to go through Allgenericmedicine and make enquiries. The store can deliver the medicines to buyers located in different parts of the world.


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