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Ivabrad - 7.5mg

Ivabrad 7.5 mg is used to treat heart failure. ivabradine used by adults to help prevent the heart failure from getting worse and needing treatment in a hospital.

General Information

Generic Name : Ivabradine

Brand Name : Ivabrand

Manufacture Name : Lupin, India

Presentation : Tablet/s

Product Code : AGM 216

Delivery Days : 10-12 working days

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Ivabrand 7.5mg

What is Ivabradine?

Ivabradine is an anti-anginal medicine used to lower the heart rate by a few beats per minute in patients with angina (a heart condition characterized by chest pain). Angina occurs when the heart doesn’t get enough oxygen and is more likely when the heart beats faster (such as during exercise or after eating). Ivabradine works by reducing the heart’s need for oxygen by lowering the heart rate, especially during times when an angina attack is more likely to occur. Ivabradine is also used to treat mild to severe chronic heart failure.

Ivabradine is sold under various trade names, one of which is Ivabrand (made by Lupin). This medicine may also be prescribed for conditions other than those listed here.

Important Information about Ivabradine

Do not take Ivabradine anti-anginal medicine (Ivabrand) if you are allergic to it, or to other heart rate lowering drugs, or if you have any other known allergies. This medicine is not recommended for you if you have certain medical conditions. Prior to taking this Ivabradine, let your doctor know if you have any of these conditions: a slow heart rate when resting, cardiogenic shock, recent stroke, heart rhythm problems, heart attack, very low blood pressure, unstable angina, severe liver problems, a pacemaker installed in body, intolerance to certain sugars, pregnant or breast feeding.

Also let your doctor know about your entire medical history, especially if you ever had these conditions: symptoms of tiredness or shortness of breath, chronic retinal disease, chronic heart failure, moderate liver disease, severe renal disease, mild to moderate low blood pressure. Prior to any surgery, you must tell your doctor or dentist that you are taking Ivabradine.

Ivabradine is not recommended if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or breast feeding. Ask your doctor if any of these apply to your case. Your doctor may weigh in your conditions and determine if this medicine is still necessary for you on top of those conditions.

Before taking Ivabradine

Before taking Ivabradine (Ivabrand), take care of all precautions mentioned above. Discuss them with your doctor and clear all doubts which you may have about this drug.

How should I take Ivabradine?

Take Ivabradine strictly according to your doctor’s direction or according to the instructions on the medication label. Do not alter the dosage unless your doctor advises you to do so. Also, do not take this medication after the prescribed period is over. All medications come with a patient leaflet. Refer the instructions in them for detailed information on that particular medication. Ivabradine can be taken with or without food. Always store this medicine in a cool and dry place.

What if I miss a dose?

If you miss a dose of Ivabradine, take it as soon as you remember. Don’t take the missed dose if the time to take the next dose is almost up. Taking multiple doses near to each other can lead to excess medication in your body which can be harmful.

What if I overdose?

In case of an overdose of Ivabradine, get emergency medical attention or call the Doctor immediately. Overdose may result in shortness of breath and tiredness.

Things and Activities to avoid while taking Ivabradine

Ivabradine can impact sensitivity of your sight towards light including brief moment of increased brightness following sudden changes in light intensity. Be careful while driving and involving in activities which require proper sight. Avoid or limit grapefruit and its products. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for more restrictions while using this medicine.

Ivabradine Side Effects

Some common side effects of Ivabradine are reduced heart rate at rest and/or dizziness, tiredness and low blood pressure. However, if you get serious side effects or allergic reactions like rash, itching, swelling of face, tongue, or throat, or breathing trouble, seek medical attention immediately.
The side effects mentioned above are not the only ones that you may experience or witness due to Ivabradine. If you get any serious side effects due to this medication, contact your doctor right away.

Ivabradine Dosing Information

Ivabradine dosage may depend on a range of factors like age, sex, drug allergies, or seriousness of the condition among several other factors. Your dosage will be determined by your doctor after examining you properly. Remember to follow your doctor’s advice properly for best results.

Interaction with other drugs

The following drugs can fatally interact with Ivabradine: anti fungals (ketoconazole, itraconazole), josamycin, clarithomycin, telithromycin, erythromycin, nelfinavir, ritonavir, nefazodone. These medicines should not be used along with Ivabradine. Some other drugs that can interact with Ivabradine are verapamil, diltiazem, phenytoin, fluconazole, quinidine, disopyramide, rifampicin, sotalol, amiodarone, barbiturates, halofantrine, pentamidine, or cisapride.
However, these are not the only drugs that can interact with Ivabradine. There may be others. Let your doctor know in advance if you use any medicines or related products such as OTC medicines, vitamin pills, or herbal products. Never start a new medication without proper medical advice.





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