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Herbal Kajal

Herbal Kajals have been a centre of attraction for all the beautiful ladies as it besides beautifying your eyes like other conventional kajals, also impeccably helps in improving your vision and boosting the growth of your eyelashes naturally. This extraordinary Herbal Kajal contains Triphala, Almond oil, Natural Carbon and other essential herbal extracts that practically help in enhancing your eyes’ health. It has a creamy and smooth texture that facilitates gliding it effortlessly on your eyes, giving your eyes a stunning colour payoff with a great black finish. As it contains all the natural skin perfecting and soothing ingredients, it does not irritate or sting your eyes like other substitutes in the market, thus making it extensively safe for even sensitive eyes.
Besides these outstanding cosmetic benefits, the kajal also does not smudge off a lot and thus you need not clean your eyes or reapply it again and again. Experience the power of soothing pure herbs that will work like magic on the delicate skin of your eyes and its waterline to visibly enhance your personality.

Pros of Herbal Kajal:


1)       Beautifies your eyes by darkening your eye contours.

2)       Adds a glamorous smoky effect to your eyes.

3)       Contains all naturally skin soothing ingredients.

4)       Helps in gradually improving your vision with the dose of nature.

5)       Boosts the growth of your eyelashes to further enhance the beauty of your eyes.

6)       Comes in a decent and easy to use packaging.

7)       Does not irritate or sting eyes and does not smudge much.

8)       Due to its creamy texture, glides on easily on your eyes.

9)       Has a long shelf life and is reasonably priced.

10)    Does not contain any harmful chemicals or preservatives.



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