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Strides Pharma science arm gets USFDA nod for HIV treatment drug

Posted On : 19 January, 2021

"Drug firm strides Pharma science on Friday said to the nation its step-down wholly-owned subsidiary, strides Pharma global, has received approval from the United States of America health regulator for Emtricitabine and TenofovirDisoproxilFumarate medicines, and used to treat or cure HIV. Drug firm Strides…"

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Male Impotency: Synthetic Drugs Vs Generic Drugs

Posted On : 29 November, 2013

"Are you suffering from male impotency? Do you feel anxious and bad for not being able to enjoy your sex life? Why don’t you take generic drugs for curing impotency?   Generic impotence drugs are the same as synthetic impotence drugs. Impotency drugs contain special chemicals that prevent…"

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Understand The Causes Of Male Impotency

Posted On : 19 November, 2013

"Male impotency is a common problem affecting large number of men all over the world. Majority of the men who suffer from impotency are above the age of 40. With medical advancements several treatments have come up that offer effective solution to the male impotency problem. It is however important to…"

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Why Buy Generic Drugs Online?

Posted On : 11 November, 2013

"Drugs have become quite expensive in the last few years. There are a lot of people who can not afford to buy the brand name medicines that the doctors prescribe. If you want to cut down your medical expense, buy generic drugs.   A generic drug has the same active formula as a patented or brand…"

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Most Common Body Pains and Their Medications [Infographic]

Posted On : 28 October, 2013

"Allgenericmedicine is one of the most reputed online generic medicines suppliers, presensts a wonderful Infographic titled ‘Most Common Body Pains and Their Medications [Infographic]’. It aims to showing how various body parts are affected by pain. Our body experiences several types of chronic…"

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Things to Remember while Taking Generic Medicines

Posted On : 01 October, 2013

"It is said that little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Having half knowledge about something can cause you more damage than any good. And when it comes to your health, no compromises should be made.   Generic Medicines are immensely popular and widely available alternatives for branded medicines.…"

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The Benefits of Generic Drugs

Posted On : 30 September, 2013

"As the healthcare prices are touching an all time high, more and more general practitioners are suggesting generic drugs to the patients. Genetic drugs are the drugs that are manufactures with the same ingredients and the same manufacturing process as the branded drugs. The only difference between generic…"

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Stop Making Excuses: Top Tips on How to Lose Weight in 2013

Posted On : 16 September, 2013

"Now days, losing weight is tough task to accomplish but it plays an important role for your health. If you have the correct healthy diet plan then losing weight can not be hard.   Drvita has presented an Infographic which explains top 11 tips to lose weight in 2013.   Source: Drvita"

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Difference between Generic and Brand Name Prescription Drugs

Posted On : 15 September, 2013

"Everyday, millions of people buy generic drugs as it is cost-effective and much cheaper than Brand Name Drugs. Have you ever thought about difference between Generic and Brand Name Prescription Drugs?   Nebraskablue has presented ‘Go Generic’ Infographic which demonstrates that there…"

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Interesting Facts about Generic Drugs in US

Posted On : 14 September, 2013

"FDA has shared very interesting Infographic with overview of the generic drug market in the US:   Now days, approx 8 in 10 prescriptions filled are for generic drugs in the United States. The use of generic drugs is expected to grow over the next few years as some popular drugs come off patent…"

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