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Treatments of Erectile Dysfunction

- Oct 01, 2019

Erectile Dysfunction, commonly known as impotence, is described as the inability to achieve and then maintain erection. Many reasons are responsible for this condition, ranging from psychological to physical. You should always consult with your doctor as ED can be a sign of additional problems, for example heart disease. You do not have to worry as there are number of treatments available to treat ED like taking Generic Viagra or testosterone replacement.

Causes For Erectile Dysfuntion

  • Stress, depression or performance anxiety can be the causes for the Erectile Dysfunction. These disturb the balance of the hormones in the body which in turn can cause Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Consuming large amount of alcohol also leads to Erectile Dysfunction. Alcohol hampers the working of your brain and body.
  • Clogged arteries can also cause Erectile Dysfunction. Normal functioning of any body part is very much dependent on the continuous blood flow to that part.
  •  Other causes for Erectile Dysfunction can be Peyronie’s disease, Pelvic trauma, Thyroid disease or Cortisone excess.

Treatments Of Erectile Dysfunction

  • Erectile Dysfunction can be treated with medications like cialis, Generic Viagra, stendra or levitra (these increases the blood flow to the penis). Although, these medicines can cause some side effects like headache, vision changes or dizziness.
  • Simple options for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment includes exercising, quit smoking, restricting the alcohol intake and losing weight.
  • One of the non-medicinal methods for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment is penile vacuum pumps. These pumps help in increasing the blood flow to the penis.
  • Penile implants are another way for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment. A surgery is performed to insert implants which can be inflated when necessary.

You can see a doctor and choose whichever option suits you best (according to your health condition) for the Erectile Dysfunction Treatment. Keep your stress level low, exercise regularly to keep your body fit, and avoid unhealthy habits like excessive drinking or smoking. Talk to your doctor sooner so that it can be treated early.

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