3 Important Things To Know About Generic Sildenafil 100mg

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Jul 31, 2019

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Erectile dysfunction (also called impotence) can adversely affect your sex life. ED is a condition in which you cannot have and/or maintain a proper erection. There are said to be several causes, but constriction of the arteries that send blood to the penile nerves is the most common.  Sildenafil 100mg can help you fight erectile dysfunction and bring the joy of sexual love back into your life. It is easy to buy generic Sildenafil online by a doctor’s prescription.


Sildenafil For Erectile Dysfunction

You might be wondering how Sildenafil works. Sildenafil prevents the action of a chemical, phosphodiesterase type-5 in your body. As a result, this relaxes (widens) the blood vessels improving the blood flow to the penile tissues. This helps achieve and maintain an erection. You can avail generic (non-branded) tablets of Sildenafil on the NHS, but the brand Viagra® you can avail on the NHS for ED due to some medical condition.

Revatio® is an another brand of sildenafil tablets. This is prescribed for pulmonary arterial hypertension, a quite different condition. Pulmonary arterial hypertension is a condition in which blood pressure shoots up in the arteries which carry blood to your lungs from your heart. Due to the constricted arteries, your heart has to pump harder in order to supply sufficient blood to your lungs.


Before You Take Sildenafil

Some medicines may suit you well but could be harmful for a certain group of people. Chances are, some people are on medication or are going through some medical issues. So, people should always consult a doctor before taking sildenafil. Your doctor should know about the following things about you so that he can be sure to prescribe you sildenafil.

  • If you are suffering from any deformity, disease or injury in your sex organ
  • If you are suffering from any heart or blood vessel disease
  • If you are going through any disease which is causing you a loss of vision
  • If you are suffering from low blood-pressure
  • If you have any kidney or liver problem
  • If you have ever suffered any stroke or heart attack
  • If you are suffering from sickle  cell disease
  • If you have had leukemia or cancer
  • If you are already on medication, including herbal and recreational drugs
  • If you are allergic to certain medicine


How To Take Sildenafil

However, the doctor will provide you the guidelines on taking sildenafil, you had better be aware of some important thing.

  • Take Sildenafil the way your doctor has suggested. This is to be taken before sexual activity and cannot be used as a regular medicine to treat erectile dysfunction
  • Sildenafil tablets come in three different amounts: 25mg, 50mg and 100mg. You are likely to be given 50mg tablet first. But your doctor may change it according to the reaction of your body
  • Some sildenafil tablets are chewable. You need to chew them first and then swallow. Do remember to ask your doctor about how the tablet is taken



As plenty of other people, you can also derive benefits from sildenafil. Consult your doctor, and take the tablets as per the instructions.

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