How To Improve and Get Harder Erections?

How To Improve and Get Harder Erections?
Published : Jun 05, 2024

Every year, several men across the world experience some degree of erectile dysfunction or erection disorders that prevent them from enjoying their sexual lives.

Though anyone can have erectile dysfunction, men who are old or have diabetes, heart disease, or hypertension are at more risk. No matter whether you are unable to get an erection occasionally or suffer from chronic erectile dysfunction, it is pretty frustrating. It’s also natural for men to get an erection faster and keep it hard for a long time.

However, if you are wondering how to improve erections or stay hard during sexual intercourse, then you are not alone. This blog is the right place for you.

Best ways to improve and get harder erections

Several ways can help you to improve erections and stay hard. If natural ways do not offer you effective results, the doctor might prescribe some erection pills like Sildenafil and Tadalafil, which belong to a class of drugs called phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) inhibitors. These medications are effective in treating ED symptoms.

Let us quickly dive into some practical ways to improve erections:

Pay attention to your diet.

If you wish to see a massive difference in your overall health and improve erections, switch to healthy eating habits. You can maintain a good circulatory system by adding heart-healthy and flavonoid-rich food items such as apples, cherries, leafy green vegetables, and berries.

Though there is no particular diet for treating erectile dysfunction, some research states that following the Mediterranean diet can help prevent erectile dysfunction.

Reduce stress

Stress is often responsible for affecting every aspect of health, from physical well-being to mental health. When you are stressed, your body starts undergoing hormonal changes, and the production of the hormone cortisol increases.

When cortisol levels are high, your chance of experiencing anxiety and depression also increases, both of which affect your sexual health and might cause erectile dysfunction. Managing stress levels is vital to improve your erections naturally.

Communicate with your sexual partner.

Several emotional and psychological factors might affect your sexual performance. If there is no underlying physical health condition that affects your erectile function, emotional & mental factors might be the actual cause.

Sexual performance anxiety is often considered the leading cause of sexual problems among men. Though treatments like mindfulness, cognitive behaviour therapy, and meditation might help you, it is better to talk to your partner about sexual problems. This will not only improve erectile function but resolve several issues.

Indulge in regular exercises.

Simply walking only half an hour a day can help decrease the risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction by 40%. Practice Kegel exercises, which strengthen the pelvic floor. This will help you improve sexual responsiveness.

Kegel exercises are considered best practices for controlling your climaxes and boosting your erection quality.

Limit alcohol consumption

Intake of alcohol can have a negative effect on your sexual performance and erectile health. A glass or two of wine or beer might not hurt your erections, but there is a clear link between chronic & regular alcohol consumption and sexual dysfunction.

Take proper sleep

Poor sleep and sleep disorders are linked to erectile dysfunction. Not getting enough sleep regularly can lead to the development of plaque in your arteries. This further affects your erections. To improve erections, sleeping at least 7-8 hours every night is essential.

Alternative ways to improve your erections

Making changes to your lifestyle can assist in treating some causes of erectile dysfunction. However, if you have ED, a combination of lifestyle changes and prescription drugs will improve your erections.

Currently, there are several FDA-approved medicines to treat ED, including Cialis, Viagra, and Levitra. These treatments are called PDE5 inhibitors and effectively treat erectile dysfunction in men.


Therefore, by following the above-stated ways, you can easily manage and treat your erectile dysfunction disorder. These tips will help you to improve erections and stay longer in bed.