Guide to Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

Guide to Psychological Erectile Dysfunction
Published : Oct 14, 2023
Last Updated : Feb 08, 2024

Nearly 20% to 30% of occurrences of erectile dysfunction in men are brought on by different psychological reasons. You are most definitely not the only person having erectile dysfunction symptoms, regardless of your age.

Many people between the ages of 40 and 80 around the world experience ED at some point in their lives. ED is an inability to achieve and maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse.

There are some psychological factors like depression, stress, low self-esteem, and relationship concerns that cause ED. Almost two in five ED cases are associated with psychogenic or psychological factors in men.

ED can happen to anyone but psychological conditions can be the main reason among younger patients.

What do you understand by psychological erectile dysfunction?

An inability to achieve or maintain an erection due to psychological rather than physical conditions is called psychological ED.Unlike other forms of erectile dysfunction, which are usually caused by physical conditions, PED is linked to mental & emotional concerns.

What percentage of men experience psychological erectile dysfunction?

You should be aware that men of all ages frequently experience erectile dysfunction disorder.

It has been discovered that up to 20% of men at some point in their lives develop psychological erectile dysfunction.

Signs or symptoms of psychological erectile dysfunction

Remember individual differences might be found in psychological erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Following are a few of the primary signs of psychological erectile dysfunction:

Trouble achieving erection

One main symptom of PED is constant trouble in attaining an erection.

Men with PEDs find it difficult to attain sufficient erection for sexual activity even when they are sexually stimulated.

Difficulty sustaining erection

Another common symptom of PED is the inability to sustain an erection throughout sexual intercourse.

Even if an erection is initially attained, it might not last long enough to help you involved in satisfying sexual intercourse.

Rapid loss of erection

Sometimes, a man with psychological might lose his erection quickly during sexual intercourse within minutes or seconds after penetration.

This quick loss of erection can be distressing for some men.

Performance anxiety

Men with PEDs generally experience performance anxiety which is considered a psychological symptom itself.

Distress of not being able to perform sexually often leads to a self-fulfilling divination.

This further makes it difficult for a man to attain and sustain the erection required for a perfect lovemaking session.

Inconstant performance

Psychological erectile dysfunction is frequently characterized by inconstant performance.

Men with PEDs can experience normal erection during particular situations or when masturbating.

But still, men find trouble maintaining erections during sexual encounters with their partners.

This type of inconsistency can be annoying and lead to performance anxiety condition.

Decreased libido

While PED is related to trouble with attaining & maintaining erections, it can also be linked with decreased libido.

This decrease or reduction in sexual desire might be a result of various underlying psychological factors. 

It is necessary for you to understand that symptoms of PED can differ in intensity and duration as well.

To deal with psychological erectile dysfunction effectively, try indulging in open communication with your sexual partner.

Causes of psychological erectile dysfunction

Psychological erectile dysfunction is primarily caused due to psychological and emotional factors instead of physical concerns.

Below-stated are some main causes of psychological erectile dysfunction:

Depression or anxiety

Have you ever noticed that you are feeling a little down and you can’t attain or keep a full erection?

Well, depression plays a vital role because psychological factor affects your ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

In case, you are feeling low about life then it will definitely make it difficult for you to attain full sexual arousal.

Anxiety or depression is a leading psychological cause of ED in men.

Relationship issues

Do you ever have communication problems with your partner? Has your relationship caused anxiety or stress?

If yes, then remember all these factors contribute to erectile dysfunction significantly.

Communication problems between you and your partner can be a major cause of stress and tension between two of you.

This tension and stress further result in erectile dysfunction and make it hard for you to achieve erections for sexual activity.


Do you have a very demanding job? Feel like there is so much to be done in little time?

All these are major causes of stress and make it difficult to get and keep a full erection.


Psychogenic erectile dysfunction can be treated only by addressing all psychological factors involved.

Here are some main treatment methods for psychogenic ED:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Couples counseling
  • ED Medicines
  • Relaxation techniques

Thus, sexual health and function are an essential part of every person’s life.

Never be afraid to seek help and share your problems with the doctor. This can help you to treat psychological ED quickly.